Escribir bien las matemáticas

Como matemático, a uno le toca escribir mucho, lo que representa una oportunidad de esforzarse por escribir bien. Es un esfuerzo que uno debe hacer, no sólo porque tus colegas te agradecerán que tus teoremas sean más legibles, sino porque escribir limpiamente es pensar limpiamente y hacer mejores matemáticas.



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VVVVVV es uno de esos juegos que debería enseñarse en todas las clases de diseño de juegos:
– Tomas una idea sencilla (invertir la gravedad de tu personaje),
– postulas un juego a partir de ella (un plataformero de ingenio con varios saltos complicados),
– y luego conviertes ese juego en una experiencia muy desafiante, muy entretenida y sumamente satisfactoria (… esta parte es difícil de sintetizar).

Nada más jueguen VVVVVV y luego me darán la razón, aunque ustedes mismos tampoco puedan explicarlo.

VVVVVV – Página oficial

VVVVV en Steam

An interesting exercise by Alon Amit

What is the value of \displaystyle \sum_{n=0}^\infty \binom{34}{4n} ? – Answer by Alon Amit on Quora

«Despite appearances, this isn’t actually a rote calculation problem. It is designed to teach you something, if you’re attuned to its sinister machinations. Merely tackling this question may give you a glimpse of harmonic analysis, or Fourier analysis on Abelian groups, or group character theory, or DFT and digital signal processing.»

‘A good solution to the “too good to use” problem in video games’ – Quora

“What is a good solution to the “too good to use” problem in video games, wherein players hoard the best items and weapons and never use them?” Answer by Catreece MacLeod

«The point is, when you see a game like Path of Exile, you really have to be impressed as a game designer to see what they’ve done and to understand how they accomplished it. Their solving of the Diablo 2 rejuvenation potion problem is one of the most elegant and beautiful examples of game design I’ve ever seen.

»Look for games which have solved these issues, and study them intimately. Backwards engineer how they did such and why they did it that way. If you can learn how to boil things down to the core problems and solve those root issues, you may very well find yourself in a position to make some awesome games yourself! We need all the truly competent designers we can get, because they aren’t valued nearly enough in the industry oddly enough… one truly epic designer is worth millions in sales, even if they can’t program anything.»

On the dangers of benevolent sexism

Howie Reith’s answer to Why should (or shouldn’t) feminists care about men’s issues? – Quora

«For lack of a better word, there’s a virus that’s infected a wide swath of the movement we call “Feminism,” and that virus is benevolent sexism. I think there are elements within feminism that, unbeknownst to those who espouse them, rather than serving to achieve gender equality actually serve to maintain a benevolent patriarchy. […]»

«What is one of the fundamental tenets of patriarchy? “Men are agents. Women are objects.” Men are the ones who matter. They are the movers and shakers. They take the actions. They make the choices. History is literally that – His Story. Women are regarded as less-than-sentient creatures who are along for the ride. They are objects to whom things happen. They are victims, never perpetrators. They are beneficiaries, never benefactors.»

«[…]Patriarchy is a species that has evolved to accommodate 20th century Feminism. It now emphasizes its benevolently sexist features while maintaining the sexist agent vs. object narrative that is its lifeblood. Denying male victimhood is one of its last bastions of defense.

»Accepting that women are agents involves accepting that women can be evil and men can be victims, and it is only by embracing this fact that we fundamentally and irrevocably destroy patriarchy. I fear that there’s a popular “species” of feminism that maintains a symbiotic relationship with benevolently sexist patriarchy, and that it is this version of feminism that is most hostile toward acknowledging male victimhood and most conducive to sexual divisiveness. It likes the moral simplicity. It likes being, by definition, on the “good” side. Accepting the grayness of reality, that evil isn’t easily divided along gender lines, that our culture could be harming men and protecting female rapists, isn’t healthy for this “species,” but it is beneficial for women, since it asserts feminine agency, and for men, since it will allow for support and protection of those who are harmed.»

Por qué las cosas que uno escribe necesitan ser largas

1. Ejemplos. No hay teoría que valga sin una colección adecuada de ejemplos. Para exponer los ejemplos se necesita escribir cosas largas.
2. Historias. Siempre oigo decir que la mejor forma de llegarle al lector es contarle una historia. Las historias normalmente precisan cierta longitud.
3. Matices. Si uno se queda en muy pocas palabras, es muy fácil caer en blanquinegrismos y en sentencias absolutas. Para ser minucioso, iluminar las sutilezas y dejarle el mínimo posible de puertas a la malinterpretación se necesita espacio para explicarlo todo.